What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. This number is a multiplier that tells you how much longer you can remain in the sun without burning. For instance, if you can usually tolerate the sun for 10 minutes without a burn, an SPF 15 will provide you with 15 times that, or 150 minutes of protection without burning.

How do I know what SPF I need?

You need to take into consideration a number of factors. How long will you be out in the sun? What time of day will you be out and what activity will you be doing? And, most importantly, what is your skin type? Here’s a simple test formula you could use:

** Burn Time x SPF number = Time of protection without burning **

If I apply a lotion with an SPF 15 and then put an SPF 30 on top of it, does that mean that I’m actually wearingan SPF 45?

SPF numbers don’t add up the way you might think. Using an SPF 15 and SPF 30 together won’t allow you to remain in the sun longer. It’s not additive. You need to determine how long you’ll be in the sun, along with your burn time, and choose the appropriate SPF level.

I’ve heard that you don’t need more than SPF 15. Is that true?

For fair and very fair-skinned people, an SPF 15, and in many instances an SPF 30, does not provide enough protection on a very sunny day. Remember, the longer you are in the sun, the higher SPF level you need.

Why do some people tan and others burn?

The reaction of our skin to sun, either burning or tanning, is based on genetics, we inherit our ability to tan or burn. In general, fair-skinned people often burn and are rarely able to tan. Darker skins, with their increased melanin, have more natural protection, but no one is immune to sun damage.

Do I need to take extra precautions in the sun if I’m taking medications?

Photosensitization, an increased sensitivity to sun exposure is a possible side effect of certain medications, including certain kinds of antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medicines, antihistamines and antidepressants. Consult your physician or pharmacist regarding photosensitization related to any prescription medications.

I was fine when I left the beach, so why am I sunburned now?

The redness associated with sunburns can take up to 24 hours to show. If you are outside and your skin begins to turn red get out of the sun. You may already have a sunburn. Products such as Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel can help soothe sunburned skin and help minimize peeling.

At what age should my children begin wearing an SPF products?

Under six months is simply too young for a baby to even be exposed to the sun. A product specially designed for a baby is perfectly safe and necessary. All children should make diligent use of sun protection products part of their daily regiment. Since 80% of a person’s lifetime sun damage occurs prior to the age 18, using sun protection at an early age can ward off cosmetic and health problems in the future. Try Banana Boat Kids SPF 50 - one of the highest Kids protection for your loved ones.



A sunscreen with ultra protection which provides you with protection against skin-burning UVB rays and skin-aging UVA rays.

  • Banana Boat® products with AvoTriplex®technologyare photostable and also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C & E and Aloe that moisturizes your skin.


sunscreen at least 20-30 minutes before going under the sun


the following reminders:

  • The sun’s rays are strongest between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
  • Sunscreen is recommended all year round.
  • Wear protection on cloudy days as well as sunny days – UVB rays may be partially blocked by the grayness, but UVA rays are not.